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>you have not thought through the implications of what AGI means.

Almost agreed. But because I cannot know what it means. I keep trying my darnest to picture it but I cannot. I'm not smart enough to know what thousands of AGI coming together to solve complex problems will come up with, nor will anyone here. It's hubris to assume anyone can.

>There is no need for us after that.

Again, assumption after assumption. More and new horizons will be created. What? I don't know. But electricity gave the ability for so much to exist on top of it once it was massively adopted. Once AGIs are massively adopted and in our homes, not requiring a supercomputer to train I mean, well, I can only hallucinate what that future will look like. If we are "not needed" then so be it, there's no use arguing. May we die quickly. But I doubt it very much.

> But it's not implemented due to greed and beauruacrats being steadfast in their ways.

It is greed that will cause these models to be implemented and jobs to be automated. I'm working on the risk assessment of doing so right now for work. I do understand. I think I'm just not explaining well due to being sleep deprived thanks to having newborn twins. Lol.


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I do not want speculate nor wish others to because I see the tech as-is right now. I’m am however anticipating AGI fundamentally changing how the world works. What that will look like no one can say. Saying UBI is THE solution is naive of the world we are headed towards. Things are going to break soon and quickly, I hope. It’s up to us to guide others to build a better world once the current system collapses.

Profits are already used in the reward functions of NN. It will be interesting when the reward function is switched to real-world money (like Satoshis via the LN).


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I cannot make claims about the future I do not know. That’s the problem with having principles and building on them. If I propose to end slavery in 1800s you’re objection to “who would pick the cotton!?” is not a rebuttal. And if I did somehow have a crystal ball saying giant machines would do it—1,000:1 people will be out of labor it would be so efficient you’d call for UBI then too. New horizons will be created. What they will be I cannot even begin to guess.


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What is it with communist and their use of the word “literally” FFS you all sound like broken records.

Profit is an indicator to whether real savings are employed in the best possible way, as far as promoting people’s life and wellbeing is concerned.

Profit or loss can be ascertained only in a market economy where prices of goods and various factors of production can be established. Needless to say that the existence of money is the key in establishing the prices of goods and factors of production. The rate of exchanges of various goods and factors are expressed in terms of money i.e. the amount of money per unit of a good or a unit of a factor of production.

Profit emerges once an entrepreneur discovers that the prices of certain factors are undervalued relative to the potential value of the products that these factors, once employed, could pro­duce.

By recognizing the discrepancy and acting upon it, an entrepreneur removes the discrepancy, i.e., eliminates the poten­tial for further profit.


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Have you considered an alternative? And I mean really given it your full weight of thought rather than dismissing it? Because I have about UBI and besides the economics of it not working out I really don’t like the idea of being beholden to the government or corporation-overlord to give me an income for my existence.

Alternatively, work will become hyper productive. Gone will be the forty hour work weeks and instead 5 hour days (once per week) could make enough money for you to sustain your current lifestyle. 10 if you want more like the newest VR gadget that will be released next year (in the hypothetical). Prices for goods and services, due to the abundance of AGIs will drastically fall. You do not scoff at the price of a pack of pencils anymore than you will scoff at the price of a trip to Mars.


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Profit is not at the expense of someone else. That’s such a naive understanding of economics. Exchanges only happen with both parties profit. Otherwise why would you do the exchange if you were not valuing the good or service over what you’re exchanging?

You may need to review your definitions. And I expect downvotes given this sub’s anti-capitalist stance. Shame.


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New horizons will emerge. Your “job” may be to compete in a chess tournament. It may be to be the H for the RL. The amount of “work” needed to create value will be so drastically small that you will buy things like you buy a pencil. Do you pick up a pencil if you see one on the ground? Don’t worry about it. It’s going to freaking amazing.


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I believe the only thing lacking at this point is capable hardware. We are going to need more VRAM on our machines at home. Hopefully that price comes down quickly like we saw with data on hard drives. My 12 GB VRAM is barely enough for me. Could use 24 but would like over 100.