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I agree.

Sadly, though, we live in a world where people think that just because something is legal, it is something they SHOULD do. There are whole youtube channels devoted to pushing your rights to annoy people right up to the line, then hiding behind "what I'm doing isn't illegal". (Ok, but you're still an asshole.)

It's also not illegal to mock mentally handicapped people and to call people racial slurs. I feel like we're about 2 minutes away from someone starting a channel to exploit that.


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I was with you until the last sentence. Simple to return?

Even though it averages more than 1 million dollars per charity for more than 100 of them? And they seem to be likely be poorly funded ones like one that tutors in rural India and China? You think a charity like that has 1 million dollars on hand? Or hasn't already spent it a year ago.

It might be "moral" to do so, but that doesn't make it "simple".


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Lots of problems here. Aside from the obvious.

Arbitration system is broken. And it always will be. Prospective arbitrators want to be desirable to both sides. So if the PD only fires people for good cause, the arbitrators will still want to reinstate half of them even if none are worthy of it.