Nascar_is_better t1_j9xmj4w wrote

Holy shit the cope.

They back up their short selling with data. Read it:

If things really worked the way you claim, they'd just be shorting everyone and they'd be the richest entity on the planet. They have to keep themselves reliable, and they do it by not just picking a couple of stocks and deciding to short them for no reason. If they are every wrong, they stand to lose more than they're worth. That's how risky short selling is. They wouldn't short sell anyone unless they're VERY sure of the results.

They have to make sure the stocks they short actually have massive weaknesses, and they backed that up with the article I linked. tl;dr: Adani is a fraud.

Adani's group delivered a rebuttal, too. tl;dr: India stronk, dude just trust me. Investors read it and promptly still trusted Hindenburg.

The fact that the stock still continues to slide indicates that no one trusts him anymore and Adani's probably lying out of his ass. People take investments seriously. If Adani's stocks really were undervalued and Hindenburg's allegations a bunch of BS, the stocks would have at least partially rebounded by now, like when Tesla got shorted by Citron.