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Back hills of Druid Hill Park. Loop from behind forestry through the hills towards Woodberry. Take the switchbacks up, head through the disc golf course, and then through the park back towards the safety city, and repeat.


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Reply to Falafel by trashcadet

I'm a big fan of University Market falafel.

Edit: how did I miss you already mentioned Uni.


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Baltimore is like half a bowl, with the harbor being the pit. All the way north is climbing gentle rolling hills. But you also have... Butchers Hill, Brewers Hill, Bolton Hill, Fed. Hill, Cherry Hill, Druid Hill....


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Hey thanks. There was no ice forming on any part of the exterior pipe, which would have indicated a crack. The weather warmed up today and the ice blockage melted. We believe the initial overflow of water into the wall was caused by a water backup from the blockage and a poor seal on the toilet. We'll be replacing the toilet (long time coming) and obviously adding a new seal/gasket/ring. We know what to watch for next time a cold snap hits. Thanks for the reply.


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It had been working fine up until the Pilar vortex. They were gone for the week surrounding it, and had no issues beforehand. The house was kept at a reasonable temperature as well during the time in question. No litter, or obscene amounts of TP being used. The gutter apparently is routed into that pipe as well, but the rain ended well before freezing temps hit.

One toilet flush is what sent water into the walls, and the ice blockage at the blow out hole was discovered.


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So a bottom drain plug blew off, right near where the pipe goes into the ground. There seems to be a solid chunk of ice blocking things. I'm concerned that there is that much standing water in the pipe given that the freezing temperatures didn't hit till hours after all that rain last week.