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Storm of Steel, i think it was? Where the iron warriors assault the gene seed planet. The guardsman has to chant the Hymn of Firing or whatever its called, but he doesnt know what that is.

So he gets frustrated, starts shouting FIRE YOU DAMN THING! and smashes a button with his fist. And lo and behold, the machine spirit listens.


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Listen, it happens to all of us. You wake up in the morning, drink your cocoa, get the urge to commit crimes against humanity and abduct several hundred people to carry out your experiments, then you sit down and log in to work.


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My favourite hoax of this variety was when some "monks" would knead quicksliver and through the power of ancient mediation and whatnot, and the liquid mercury would congeal into solid shapes. "Science currently cannot explain how this works at all". Well, either that, or the blue water they sprinkled all over the place probably helped, forming an amalgam from the copper in it