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There is one World Cup circuit every year. There is an overall trophy and a trophy for each discipline (type of race).

There is usually between 30 and 35 individual races a year. While Shiffrin is competitive in all events she focuses on the technical events, Slalom and Giant Slalom, which accounts for roughly half the yearly races. Eight of her wins come from speed events (Super-G and Downhill), which constitutes roughly the other half of the races (not counting combines and parallel events, which are not contested very often).

Alpine skiing is a very high variance sport, so when it comes to determining who the best athlete is individual world cup races and overall and discipline season wins are what people use. The "big events" like the Olympics and the World Championships are more prestigious but less of an indicator of who the best athletes are.


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Which is kind of crazy because "only" winning two Olympic gold medals as an alpine skier is already a lot. Four is the most anyone has ever won, and she's eighth on the all time list for women (with probably at least two more Olympics left in her). Ingemar Stenmark also "only" has two and many of the all time greats have none.


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I know he’s not getting deported. But in a hypothetical world where he’s getting deported where he was born is irrelevant. That’s not how deportations work.

It’s also just objectively correct to say that Musk immigrated to the US from Canada - at the time he moved to the US, Musk was a Canadian citizen residing full time in Canada.