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Some people already are relatively capable of full immersion into fantasy, especially via video games, to the point of ignoring the outside world. I know plenty of people like this, it's a common personality makeup in some of my hobbies, and it can be debilitating.

I wonder how many people's jobs and social lives will actually eventually 100% take place inside of virtual reality spaces - or, for that matter, *game* spaces with the present tech we have now.


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If you're over 45 then you have already seen a ton of office jobs disappear, even more if you're over 60. We don't have typing pools anymore. You don't have the records clerk at a hospital who works there 30 years and retires with a pension. There is a ton of office work that no longer exists and a lot is because a smaller number of workers can do a larger amount of work with modern computers.

A young woman used to be able to get an office job with a typing certificate and a high school diploma.

A lot of my arguments with Boomers have been around the fact that the same jobs just are not available for Gen X and younger.

So basically we've always expected office work to go away, and now office work requires a degree, an unpaid internship, and some nepotism to even get. Which speaks to its having largely already gone away.


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If you're a person who has their own ideas they'd like to produce then it's good news. For me, it's helping me realize a dream of creating my own worlds and stories. I basically have promoted myself to art director on my personal projects, and it's also amazing for iterating on designs and building whole design themes and riffs from a single image.

If you're stuck in a production pipeline however and probably if you're new, it's bad news. I am glad I found this as a freelance and contract mid career multiskilled designer and not as someone struggling to get their first production artist job, I'll say that.


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As someone who uses AI in graphics projects, who teaches/tutors design here and there:

I studied graphic design and animation. I am a much better, more creative prompt engineer than many people who didn't study any art.

AI art is basically "garbage in, garbage out." I'm in several AI communities and the people doing really well with it have some kind of visual arts backgrounds, though there are some writers too discovering AI.

It's an adjunct and aide to human creativity, not a replacement for it.