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I just wonder all the mobile homes turned into single family home, how long they are going to last and also if they have properly insulation for the cold weather, and also whether the electrical wiring are done properly. A lot of fixes are only domestic (which is the least expensive things to fix) and they didn't fix the expensive stuff


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I recently came across one that has a concrete foundation and basement. It is listed as a single family home, but then when I asked the realtor she told me only manufactured home lenders would work because it is actually a home modified from manufactured home.


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>A healthy profit to be sure, but no where near twice the investment. Full gut and remodel including exterior work was almost certainly well into 6 figures (over $250k if I had to guess) with Fairfield county contractor pricing in effect.

i was quoted by several contractors a gut reno like this for ~$100k. these people are really out the reno looks so cheap and ugly. I wish them good luck trying to see this crap more than $500k with the horrendous school in stamford.


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i think whoever bought this house at this price is quite stupid. sorry to say. they used the cheapest materials (look at the backsplash in the kitchen) and they don't even have a fridge. Also, the house is right outside a busy road. I am also suspicious of the square footage. i think they might have included the unfinished basement. People always lie about the sq ft nowadays it's crazy as if no one thinks about the potential legal reprimand.