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That's why I did r/all as it is the place that's the same for everyone (I think) but I tested it with TOR beforehand and saw it was the same as my own so should be.


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Anything news or from twitter is negative. I honestly do no see Twitter as anything else but a pleague on human mind, at least what makes it from there to Reddit. Social commentary oversexualizing everything also made it in the cringe / sad categories.

Feel good were almost all animals showing unconditional love.


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My subs are indeed curated to be more positive but somehow someone's twitter hot take screenshot still gets through no matter the sub. And even positive news "girl got out of rubble after 6 days" can sometimes cause anger because you're reminded of the corruption and greed that caused the building to collapse in the first place.

I chosen to do r/all to analyze what people generally see on the platform pushed by algos.