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NO JOKE!!!! 2 years ago I was a homeless addict, living off of the generosity of others. Going in and out of jail due to my addiction......

I got out of prison December 19 2021. Since then, I have stayed clean, and SLAM DUNKED long term goals that I have been setting for myself in rehabs and treatments for years. Got a job in the hospitality industry, and took to it like a fish in water. Worked my way up in the industry to Asst. General Manager of a local resort. I have tattoos on my face and hands. I have 8 felony convictions.

I just finished my first semester of College. I am pursuing my associates in Business and Marketing, and want to eventually open my own high class boutique hotel and restaurant. I love my life. I am more satisfied than I have ever been.


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Honestly, been smoking myself since I was about 14. ALL THE TIME. Like, a pack a day at least. I got a new job where I am not able to smoke on the property, and so I figured I would try the disposable vape thing....


Haven't smoked a single cigarette since Christmas. Definitely not as healthy as quitting completely, but honestly it was surprisingly easy to transition to Vaping. 20 bucks at the gas station, and it lasts me a couple of weeks.


Plus, if I need a quick nicotine fix, I can step into the break room and hit my vape a few times. Cuts down on the frequent smoke breaks I used to be tempted to take.


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Very very true. I'm an addict in recovery myself. Has been some of the most traumatic, horrible experiences of my life while in active addiction. Went to prison multiple times over drug charges. BUT... I would not change the experiences I have had, because I finally have found my key.


"I understood myself only after I destroyed myself. And only in the process of fixing myself, did I know who I truly was"