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Oh, I absolutely agree with you. The coming years may be the best years for Darts ever. Sure, there will never be another Taylor, or Bristow, or Lowe, but those are legends for more reasons than just their talent. But the level of play will be incredible over the next few years, probably better than it ever was. I can't wait to see where the current generation of players will lead us


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Netherlands is the biggest market for darts right after the UK and Ireland and also has some of the very best players in the world. Though currently Germany is also on the rise and will probably overtake the Netherlands, once there is a German icon in darts, like Raymond van Barneveld or Michael van Gerven are for the Netherlands.


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He's probaly one of the, if not the most talented darts players there has ever been. Absolutely natural and smooth technique and great dedication to the sport. There have been many players that are insanely talented, but don't put in the work. There are also many players that are not very talented, but managed to train enough to become great. Smith however has both the talent and the dedication to improve. It really was only a matter of time for him, there was no doubt that he would one day lift the trophy


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I've been watching darts for a while now and loved it, but this was the first time I got emotional over any kind of sports event. He worked so hard for this title and got so close multiple times. When he ran down to his family, I truly realised how much this meant to them all and I was really moved


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I know, it's stupid to hype up some newcommer, but I truly feel like we could see an era of three dominating players actually, if Josh Rock keeps performing the way he did in the last months. At least I really hope so, because he is fucking exciting to watch