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To clarify and expanding on other responses you got, same as a recovering alcoholic or drug addict, with the difference that I did not choose to be a catholic, it was just the culture I was born ( Spain ) there are wounds that are inflicted as a child, indoctrination, with feelings of guilt and shame for things that are out of one control.

Like your gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, race.

The wounds eventually heal but the scars, I will carry to my grave as a reminder that when some people say " think of the children " or " is a slippery slope " they don't mean what you think and they don't have your best interest in mind, just follow the money and you will see what I mean.

We as a society have to make the most urgent effort to get ANY flavor of organized religion as far away from children and schools as possible, and I am not only referring to any of the offshoots of the abrahamic death cult, whether is christianity, muslim or jewish. They pray on ignorance ( hence their insistence of controlling the Education system ) banning books or worse burning them and the people who wrote them as well.

So yes recovering catholic is a very appropriate description for many of us that survived.


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So in other words is ALL YOUR FAULT for not succeeding in life, your poor grades. . . . YOU, not the underfunded school system, getting robbed . . . YOU not the understaffed police system, house burned down. . . YOU, your miserable life . . . YOU, not your abusive parent getting drunk or high and beating you to an inch of your life, getting raped. . . YOU, is the dress you are wearing, maybe if you did not show so much skin or leave the house . . . but wait there was the relative that lives in your house. . . etc etc etc