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Partly YES, I think it is a release valve of sorts the higher the output the closer the Black Hole is getting to that tipping point of becoming a galaxy, which can be any size depending on the amounts of energy contained within, as the universe is like a heartbeat where energy is always wrapping and unwrapping so it is Space that is actually expanding because space is energy and that energy is everything else unwrapping into it and then it gets rewrapped via Black Holes.

Endless Energy System A.K.A Perpetual Energy, as energy cannot be created or destroyed only changed and I also think we know or see only a small part of something that is truly endless and infinite in size however the internal workings of the Universe across the entire spectrum of it are definable and knowable and therefore understandable by any and all willing to see it as it is rather than what they would wish it to be.

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The issue has been ongoing since the 50's and 60's, but the long history of water rights state responsibilities and ownership by private companies go back to the founding.

Companies were never intended to be allowed to pollute the water systems as they did, and Farmers know better when they do have the support needed to do things properly.

BOTH are base needs of a society PERIOD, and that sis why the term "Nature and Natures God" was used.

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YES BUT they never bothered to replace and reuse those places they drained off all the water from over the last 150 years, the Owens Valley comes to mind and their solution's seem to be to drain other states of their resources and thus the march towards more deserts is on.

and they call being the dumping grounds of others "Population Control" and all populations whether animal, vegetable or human require the same resources to exist and survive.

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NOW if they would just do something to save and conserve that water, maybe growing things would help the planet Naturally instead of building energy consuming machines that supposedly clean the air and cool it down.

Ever get the idea that maybe it is about MONEY and NOT science being applied properly?

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Uncontrolled Explosions especially nuclear are NOT a good Idea, it requires a controlled and responsive engine with a vessel who's structural integrity wont be compromised when directional changes are required especially under collision conditions, and there is also those little pieces of sand moving at speeds that turn them into BOMBS with the explosive capacity of a small nuclear weapon under certain conditions of impact.

E=MC^2 is the same as F=MS^2 when you get right down to it so a shielding of some type that redirects the impact instead of colliding with it.

Yesterday's Science Fiction becomes todays Science Facts if you work on it and not surprising there just might be a way.

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It is sort of surprising just how much is really up there, but it was actually meant as a humorous look at the weather coming in from Siberia, MAN it is COLD HERE.

10 degrees is a heat wave at the moment and holding steady and I pity the poor fools in the Midwest dealing with -30 and 80 mph winds.

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I wonder just how much sun and warmth is blocked by all that space junk?

Certainly seems like an expensive way to go about cooling the planet from all that Global Warming, nice thing is it went from -10 to +10 here in 24 hours BUT it snowing now.

And there is a better way to do all of it.

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And how fast would those jets have to be to escape the Gravity, and what part does Magnetic Fields in the band and layers play in their focusing and expulsion which I am assuming happens out of what would be a Black Holes Poles since I am pretty sure they also have an axial spin.

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