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> Publicly available summary-level GWAS data on SUA were obtained from a genome-wide meta-analysis (N = 121,745) based on three Japanese cohorts, including the Japan Multi-institutional Collaborative Cohort (N = 10,621), the Kita-Nagoya Genomic Epidemiology (N = 2,095), and the Biobank Japan (N = 109,029)

> We found a potential causal association between higher SUA levels and increased prostate cancer risk. The findings were robust when different MR methods (MR Egger, weighted median, and weighted mode) were used.

> There are some potential mechanisms for the positive association between SUA and prostate cancer risk. [...] SUA may play a role in cancer biology by inducing chronic inflammation. [...] Although SUA may exert as an antioxidant by scavenging reactive oxygen species (ROS), the antioxidant property may be harmful.