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People have. This has all been tried before.

Vanguard socialism was the idea that a group of enlightened revolutionaries needed to lead the people towards the coming socialist utopia. The Vanguard became concerned only with maintaining its own power and the totalitarian Soviet Union was born.

I believe humans are inherently good but we are also inherently corruptible. Thats why the most successful modern societies contain transparent institutions and frequent elections, so that the people can hold their leaders to account and ensure they work to make the nation as a whole richer, rather than just their own chequebooks.


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Questions regarding your ideology:

Who picks this group of apparently enlightened humans?

How do they make the world come to together?

How do they deal with those who don't want to come together?

How would they deal with future generations who don't want to live under their rule?


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What a fantastically original idea! Literally no one has ever thought of this before!

This system is in no way susceptible to corruption or exploitation, not at all!,Philosopher%2Dkings%2FGuardians,would%20live%20simply%20and%20communally.