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With how many trendy restaurants we have, there are bound to be more than a few that are all flash and no substance.

Cafe Rustica has never let me down though, they are 3/3 on clean plate meals. Probably the least flavorful thing there is the spetzle, and that's just a side.

I get their marinated roast with can cut it with a fork and it's always hot.


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Do you think it will be a fairly diverse age group? My wife and I are in our early 30s, and she loved Emo music is high-school and still listens to it.

We just don't wanna be the weird old people in the club lol.


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Just got back a few hours ago from a weekend at the MD Ren Fair.

Had steak on a stake, got to wear armor and look cool, and had a Samurai compliment my gear and give me a very masculine pat in the shoulder, and my lady got Valkyrie braids and Scotch Eggs.

Also there was an Orc amongst other things.

The hotel was great but there is nothing like being back in your own home and bed.