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„ The U.S. has been spreading disinformation about China supplying weapons to Russia and using the allegation to sanction Chinese enterprises,” Mao said, describing this as a “double standard and the very definition of hypocrisy.”

Only a double standard and hypocritical if you ignore the fact that Russia invaded Ukraine to begin with.

Must be exhausting to be a Chinese diplomat. Everyone knows you‘re playing stupid, you know you’re playing stupid, but you have to keep up the charade for the domestic audience and the CCP.


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Reply to [IMAGE] by Lucadris

Looks more like an inconsistency in obstacles that our red boy on the left had no control over when he was assigned the course. :(


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When I was a kid I came into the dentist's room and apparently before I did so he took out a wisdom tooth from one of his assistant's. They told me it's the tusk of a sabretooth tiger, but the assistant's cheek was still swollen as fuck, so I knew they were lying and ran out to my mom.

If they lie to me before I even sit down, you can bet your ass they'd lie about "If it hurts, just say something and we'll stop"!

We had to switch dentists.


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Judging by AI's inability to properly draw hands, I foresee a huge shift of classical artists to now post what they used to hate: drawn hands!

All kidding aside, great piece!


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Other than it having implications on international travelling for members of the guard, the main purpose usually is to deter national or private enterprises (like weapon manufacturers) from doing business with the group designated as terrorists (as charges of sponsoring a terrorist group could result in it).

Not an expert, but that’s one of the key aspects why Ukraine wants Russia designated as a terrorist state (I am sure it has other legal ramification beyond that).