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Putin’s rise to power and corruption should be a lesson to us all. We need to elect Zelenskys and ignore idiots with hardline policies on crap like immigration.

If we don’t maintain an honest and open government and functional justice system, then there is no justice at all.

A lot of the rich in the world are corrupt, I hope now we’ll be paying a lot more attention to the rich and their transactions. Maybe next time, we’ll notice things like cheques going from imperialist warlord to president 🇷🇺 🇺🇸 …


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No they aren’t, medicine manufacturers typically don’t choose who the end user is, they just manufacture and sell to distribution companies.

And most other countries aren’t selling the Russians medicine, as evidenced by Russia experiencing medicine shortages.

You’re not great at making convincing arguments. Anyway I’m done here, there’s nothing left to be said.


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I didn’t even mention NATO, but thanks for the info. I won’t check if it’s legit or not though, because by that logic you could argue that the US ‘created’ Osama Bin Laden… which gets said a lot, but is actually an absurdity, considering you can’t possibly predict the free will of quite literally anyone.

To me it kinda sounds like you’ve just got an agenda against NATO. Which is fine, you-do-you bro.

But NATO requires cooperation between all member states, so I find it unlikely that blame could be placed solely on what is effectively just a defensive alliance, and not some kind of shady world-govt…


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I think what they actually implemented was a ‘close your eyes, cover your ears, and hope for the best’ policy. Yeah Russia and China just decided they want the world to hate them this year, apparently. So they’re both acting-out and lying to the point where they think they can just create their own reality.

Russia is quickly rediscovering reality again in the form of Ukrainian defiance, and China; from a pandemic that every other country on the planet has managed to get under control, except them.

I truly hope that this will be the century that kills authoritarianism for good.


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Can some kind soul fill me in? I’m at work and can’t spend time googling if this is interesting or not.

(I like to stay up to date, but I usually ignore Turkish news because their president indulges Putin too often. Can’t help but see Erdogan and Orban as traitors to the free world—can’t play both sides in this war lads, Russia are the new Nazis)


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Tbh I think it’s the Chinese leadership just throwing a hissy fit because they didn’t get their way with ‘Zero Covid’ policies, primarily because they almost faced the first ever Chinese revolution, but also because they hate their own citizenry who they look down on like insects.

“You told us to stop our Zero Covid policy, so enjoy the over-packed hospitals, we’re not helping any more” -all Chinese politicians overlords