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It didn’t hurt but I was taught when someone is being a dick don’t let it slide or they’ll go on and keeping being a dick to the next one and the one after that.

Did you think that OP or I genuinely didn’t get that price drops when you buy in bulk, like items in a grocery store? That’s common knowledge and it’s rude to imply that someone doesn’t know something that is common knowledge. That’s just be being a dick

Were you excited to correct someone in an area that made you feel intellectual? That’s understandable but wasn’t really warranted in this example and still would just be being a dick.

Is there a third option? I don’t see what purpose your comment had. I think you’re just being a dick


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Hey good thing you’re here, some people have to wait two whole weeks into their micro 101 class before they learn that. I hear both supply and demand can also be a factor in price does that match your studies as well?


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Compared to other major cities: significantly lower chance of getting shot, mugged or stabbed. Significantly higher chance of getting punched in the face by a guy you didn’t realize you were in a fight with yet.