Neverending_Rain t1_j1gj6vr wrote

From what I saw in the other thread they did leak a ton of personal info and what sites the passwords were used for, which is still a huge problem.

They're not going to crack the passwords and get into the accounts, but the hackers will be able to look through all that info to find valuable targets for further phishing attacks, or blackmail targets. There is a ton that can be done just by knowing what websites someone has accounts on.

The average person will probably be fine, but this can still cause huge problems for some Lastpass users.


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There is no current sign of it being on a collision course with Earth. In a few centuries there's a chance it'll be a risk to the planet. It's quite possible that it won't be a threat in the future at all. Trying to change its trajectory now would be pointless. We're already working on ways of diverting asteroids such as the DART mission. There's no need to do anything other than continue that research.