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His brother alone admitted to making a over $100k a year from the show while it was being produced. The shower aired in prime time on a legal channel and the YouTube channel has millions of subs. He went viral several years ago online, this isn’t new.


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His brother made at least $100k per year on the show, the show aired on prime time on a legal network and the YouTube channel has over 2mil subs. Someone is making a profit

Now we know that this is an incredibly profitable business, and likely many members of the Caprio family are profiting from the TV show. "

"If I were the City of Providence, I would ask myself why this family has [potentially] been able to make millions and millions of dollars using city facilities and a city office, and the City of Providence hasn't received a dime." (City Council spokesman Parker Gavigan confirmed that the city receives no revenue from "Caught in Providence," according to the city finance department.)


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It ended a year or so ago and he and his family personally profited off of the show.

If he made judgements, either harsher or more lenient because he thought it could make good tv, on a show he profited on I would say we should have a major issue with it.