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The alternative to using a patent lawyer is trying to file a patent yourself. But unless you have knowledge/expertise comparable to a patent lawyer's, some corporation would almost certainly find a loophole in your patent and steal your idea.


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Unfortunately, stuff like this happens all the time. It's common practice for big companies to look for interesting new patents and modify them slightly so they can legally steal product ideas from others. If I ever come up with a million-dollar idea, the first person I'll tell it to is a patent lawyer.


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"Jose Rivera, claims that he purchased the ticket from Joe’s Service Center on or around Nov. 7, 2022, and that it was stolen from him by a man he knows only as “Reggie.”

Rivera alleges that he tried to get the ticket back from Reggie after the winning number was announced on Nov. 8, 2022, but that Reggie refused to do so and tried to blackmail Rivera into splitting the winnings by threatening to destroy the ticket."

Eh, sounds like a pretty unlikely story.


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""Poland and Europe stand by your side. We will definitely not leave you, we will support Ukraine until complete victory over Russia," Morawiecki said during a visit to Kyiv, standing next to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

Warsaw's commitment to its neighbour has been instrumental in persuading European allies to donate heavy weapons to Ukraine, including tanks, a move opposed by several governments, including Berlin, until recently."

Awesome! Way to go Poland!


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Prior to modern humans was Homo erectus. If by people the scientists were including Homo erectus then they are just flat-out wrong because there has been evidence of them wearing clothing much earlier than 170k years ago.

""Peking Man," a human ancestor who lived in China between roughly 200,000 and 750,000 years ago, was a wood-working, fire-using, spear-hafting hominid who, mysteriously, liked to drill holes into objects for unknown reasons.

And, yes, these hominids, a form of Homo erectus, appear to have been quite meticulous about their clothing, using stone tools to soften and depress animal hides."


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"Modern humans originated in Africa within the past 200,000 years"

True, if it was out of millions of years it would be decently precise, but it seems it was out of 200k.


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Tons of important scientific discoveries actually happened accidentally. Even the creation of microwaves.

"While testing a new vacuum tube called a magnetron, he discovered that a chocolate bar in his pocket had melted from the heat. He decided to try another experiment by placing some popcorn kernels near the magnetron, and he watched as the kernels popped into fluffy popcorns."


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Interesting! But I'd imagine people would have to settle for a lot less than their ideal partner when there's so few to choose from. Even if the initial 160 people is composed entirely of loving couples, it would cause problems in the long-run if the children of these couples don't like each other very much.


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True. But I can understand why parents with different cultural backgrounds would prioritize their children learning English over their more obscure native languages. Excellent English skills are a requirement for most jobs in America.


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Good point. I'd still say that the benefits of knowing English outweigh the drawbacks for most Americans. But for people like the American Indians who have cultures which are vastly different than most Americans, yeah they wouldn't benefit from cultural adaptation.


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"He surrendered to British troops in the last stages of World War II and eventually returned to Finland in June 1945 after escaping a British POW camp in Lübeck, Germany. Törni in a Waffen SS uniform during training in 1941. As his family had been evacuated from Karelia, Törni sought to rejoin them in Helsinki but was arrested by Valpo, the Finnish state police. After escaping, he was arrested a second time in April 1946, and tried for treason for having joined the German military. A trial in October and November resulted in a six-year sentence in January 1947. Imprisoned at the Turku provincial prison, Törni escaped in June, but was recaptured and sent to the Riihimäki State Prison."

How the heck did he escape prison 3 different times?


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Eh, doesn't that just mean more and more people are learning English? I'd imagine not knowing English in this day and age would put people at a disadvantage in various ways (especially in the job market), so I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing.

Cultures are built around people not languages, so I don't think if everyone starts speaking English rather than their historical languages then their cultures would somehow disappear.