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Yes, “dressed up as a new discovery” by how it’s treated by other people.

What is up with Reddit the last week or so? It’s like half the user base’s reading comprehension has gone on vacation or something.

It’s either that, or people are just extra argumentative or something.


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Some of us are down rabbit holes and already know about the underlying foundational research, so a new study reiterating what we already know dressed up as a “new discovery” is eye-roll worthy.

It’s not what some new study says, it’s how it’s treated by others that I personally find annoying.

It’s sort of like how every other month NASA releases some “big news”….that amounts to yet more evidence of water on Mars. Can’t we just all agree there’s water on Mars. There was water, and there’s still water in places on Mars. Can’t that just be an openly accepted fact at this point?


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You mean…like the vagus nerve?

Edit: biohackers have anecdotally already known everything the article says, in particular the benefits of SCFA’s.

It’s always weird when science announces something entire communities of people already know.


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Is there a way I can get paid to call out bullshit? I think I’m pretty good at it, and I don’t mind standing in a conference room ripping into idiotic ideas.


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I mean, do current versions of Linux support most PC components?

Isn’t the Linux joke that a bunch of your PC parts won’t work right, so you joke that you didn’t need them anyway because hey, you’re using Linux after all!