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I like it here and while we are able to continue to push back against the free staters and other abusers I will likely stay. What I don't like are tax dodgers who conspire to move to our communities and argue against solving real issues and instead make proposals that would legalize tax dodging, gut our social programs and leave those who need help to their own devices.

If the day comes that you guys are able to create your libertarian "utopia", I will probably be forced to leave and watch my once beautiful state burn from the outside. Luckily, as I said above, free staters are inspiring us to get involved.


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You get taxed to pay for the services that we as a community agreed we wanted. It's compulsive because if it's not some people will use the services without paying. If you don't like it, you are free to leave our community. Every club has it's dues and those who cheat are not welcome.


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He's being petty. Basically trying to argue that if they're going to fund education then they might as well spend all their money on it. I'm sure from their perspective it was a win: "See, people don't actually want to fund schools properly, they're just afraid of change."

The problem is that even if their proposed increase was sound, they have burned any trust they had in the community.


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The one good thing I'll say about the free staters is that they are inspiring political participation. Can someone explain to me how free staters aren't just a bunch of tax dodgers who want to gut NH's already basic social programs and infrastructure investments? All I ever see from them is a "fuck you, I've got mine" mentality. I'm just so tired of it.


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Well darn. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like there isn't enough money to take care of everyone who is seeking emergency mental help so the current policy is to hold them if they seem like a danger to themselves or others at the ER until there are resources available at a hospital. Essentially, there aren't currently enough resources to handle everyone who needs help, no one wants to take responsibility for the unprofitable endeavor and the ERs have been forced to do what little they can. Now, whoever is behind these lawsuits wants to clear them out of ERs entirely.

Edit: I'll be keeping an eye on this and hopefully see where it goes in a month.


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From what I understand, it was initially kicked off because one of the parents found out that there was a transgirl who was using the girls room. I don't know how many other trans kids go to this school. I do know that there is at least one transboy going there as well though.

To be perfectly clear, there have been no accusations or claims of impropriety (other than using the "wrong" restroom) from anyone which started this.