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I don’t mind a politician who is reluctant to meddle with what works just to make it look like he’s working or to virtue signal the pensioner fascists as we see from Desantis in Florida. Heavy-handed interventionist government isn’t what I look for in a Republican leader. What I see from both parties too often is followship, not leadership. Sununu is a leader, and not despite the low-key style but because of it.


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I’m from Milan and would offer this insight on Berlin, which is don’t neglect factoring in property taxes in determining where to live. Berlin is hovering around $40 per thousand, so be aware of that and know what you are getting into big picture. Berlin does offer better internet than Milan or Dummer, but Gorham, Randolph and Shelburne have the equal.

In Berlin, I think the best homes are in the Swedish village, that’s north Berlin on the left Bank of the Androscogin, Napert village on the north right bank of the river, or Cates Hill.