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Taxis (zone 5 adjacent to baggage claim doors) were going to have to swapl with ride share (zone 7, across and down the road a little from zone 5). They complained and now are going to be sharing zone 5. Some taxi drivers were cool with this (?) But now they're complaining again.


First, it's kind of sad-funny the article emphasizes how the drivers have been complaining directly to Jim Kenney. Beyond that, taxis and ride-sharing both suck at the airport; unless you get the fixed rate fare I think at this point anyone watching the meter tick up assumes they're being somehow cheated, and the rideshare wait-for-your-driver-then-watch-them-fuck-up-parking-and-pulling-way-from-the-curb system is gigantically annoying at the airport as well.

Unfortunately taxis being unwilling to adapt to what people want is why rideshare exists at all, and rideshare is fundamentally unable to improve dispatch in this case for a number of reasons, so I guess sorry taxis, maybe if you had spent the last 10 years improving the taxi system instead of complaining you wouldn't still be losing and complaining now.


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The Philadelphia Table Company (showroom open by appointment at 3rd and Race by near all the high end furniture stores) does custom woodwork for just about any furniture other than chairs. Price wise about 3-5k for a dining room sized table. Very solid work, we have several pieces from them at this point.