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OP you could've just not told anyone and it wouldn't been fine. It's not like we can understand Massholes when they babble on and on about whatever the fuck they talk about. Try as I might, I can't focus on what they're trying say and all I can think is "wow, that's a lot of whicket smahrts for one sentence" or "Jesus dude, how much coke did you snort in the bathroom?"


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>By what measure is he unelectable?

The one where he ran in the republican primary and got like 1% of the vote.

>That’s bubble talk man.

Not a man

>You may not care but that’s quite an off putting statement

You're right, I do not care that you might not like me because I apply reasonable logic to hard facts.

And I'm sure you do not care about the horrible misogyny in using masculine terms to describe everyone, even the half that it does not apply to.


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Somerville is one of the safest counties in the entire country. I'm sure there's racism here just like there is everywhere but the tri state (NJ, NYC, CT) has a pretty great culture of acceptance and the racists are few and far between

>What would a 1 bedroom apartment run me in a pretty decent area? I'm assuming it'd be much less than San Diego haha ($2.7-2.9k over here).

Oh honey. I mean sure, a little less, maybe 1,800 to 2,300 but it's still expensive here

>Also - I'm not the.. straightest person around. How bad is that taken within the state, and in Somerset County (?)/ surrounding cities?

We're an LGBT friendly state.

The fuck kind of reputation do we have that ppl don't know this? We were the first state to ban gay conversion therapy, and that was under our republican governor.


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here's the thing that's so amusing. OP didn't even say anything about who to vote for in the Brazilian election, which already happened, so what exactly are you babbling about?


You're either horrible at both reading comprehension and figuring out how linear time works, or you're just trying to get people to shut up about fascism. My guess is the latter, because I just don't think you're that dumb for it to be the former


>But the very idea of imposing over a democratic nation about who should or shouldn’t win is not ideal for the sovereignty of that country. you.


There was no imposing, people are allowed to speak freely about whatever they want, it's called free speech and it's essential to democracy. Conflating the two is dangerously pro authoritarian


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Don't worry guys, I got this one


Fascism bad, LampardFan. Fascism always bad. This is the objective truth, not up for debate. Tolerating it means you're tolerating tyranny, and that's unwholly unamerican. Furthermore, fuck your ideas on what's fair, if we listened to people like we, we'd be ruled by tyrants. Brazil voted out this fascist fuck, and rightly so.


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I went into my small, regional bank today to see if the bank was in any danger. They are not, they didn't invest in crypto or anything as risky as SVB invested in, because they aren't fucking mooks. They also have a thing called risk management, because they aren't insane.