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So many inaccuracies here it is hard to know where to start.

I have spent much time on these threads trying to spread the FACT that CMP has zero control over electricity supply prices. This has been the case since the State of Maine passed a law to restructure the industry in 2000.

The state seizing $13 billion in power grid assets from CMP and Versant (and passing those costs, plus interest, along to customers) will do NOTHING to change supply costs. Absolutely NOTHING. The suppliers will continue to gouge customers because the state utility still will not own any supply.

CMP is by no means perfect, but forcing customers to pay $13 BILLION plus legal costs for assets that are not for sale will not improve the situation. At. All.

Please educate yourself on the actual facts.


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>The local cartel. (CMP

For the zillionth time:

CMP is NOT your electricity supplier.

Standard Offer comes from New Brunswick Power and NextEra; CMP simply bills on their behalf and sends the money you pay along to them. The MPUC arranges standard offer thru a bidding process. CMP gets no revenue or benefit from standard offer.

CMP is not a cartel; it is a utility regulated by the MPUC. They do their best to provide reliable delivery service at a reasonable price. They are not perfect but they do what they can within the rules and laws that govern them.


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>Can you tell me how CMP gets money from increased supplier fees? Won’t delivery be the same since it’s based on unit?

CMP does not get a single nickel from higher supplier fees. Not. One. Nickel. Zero. Zilch. Nada.


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>CMP did increase delivery rates on standard offer by 49% in 2023 so that could contribute I would think.

The delivery rates have not changed in 2023. The supply rates did. Please place the blame where it belongs... with the supplier, not CMP


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>I had no problem with them for years, until last month. I want to just switch to the standard offer and be done with it, but my wife is determined to try to get some kind of refund first. 🙄

If you have been with Electricity Maine for years, you have been getting ripped off. They started overcharging years ago. And it is not up to CMP to refund what you paid to a supplier. It is not CMP's fault that you signed up with a disreputable supplier.

Good luck with getting a refund. You might want to check with the MPUC's consumer assistance office or the Public Advocate. Not sure they can help but the more complaints logged against EM, the better.


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I did not yell. However, CMP does not have supply rates. Since 2000, CMP has been out of the electricity supply business. Period. This is a fact.

The increases in supply rates are from another company. CMP is in the unenviable position of being required by law to bill on suppliers' behalf. It is strictly a pass thru.

Again, CMP only delivers power, like a FexEx for electrons. CMP is not allowed to supply power. They get no revenue from the supply portion of your bill. so calling it "their" (CMP) supply rates is inaccurate.


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>as well as CMPs delivery fee.

CMP's delivery fee has not increased since 2000. The only increases have been on the supply side

CMP is not perfect but people here seem to think it is okay to spread false information and blame them for supply prices they have zero co trol over.

Blame New Brunswick Power and NextEra for standard offer increases. The other electricity supply ripoff artists like Electricity Maine are far too numerous to list here.


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>my bill doubled last month and it was entirely Electricity Maine’s supplier rate.

Please tell me you have switched to a less expensive option. Electricity Maine has been ripping off customers for years... Far worse than CMP.


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Who is your supplier? It will be listed on page 3 of your bill. Standard Offer or one of the competitors? Supply prices for all suppliers went up considerably in January and I bet that is the biggest factor. That is not CMP's fault, as CMP only delivers power; supply comes from another company and CMP does not get revenue from that; but they are required to bill on the supplier's behalf.

Additionally, have you looked at Energy Manager on your CMP account? You can compare your usage to prior years and see if it has gone up.


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It would not make a bit of difference. The solar arrangement is dictated by Maine Public Utilities Commission rules that apply to any utility. The MPUC, not the utility, sets the rules.

Anyone who claims PTP would automatically be cheaper, more reliable, or more amenable to renewable power lacks even a basic understanding of how the system actually works.


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>think there are enough examples to prove you are wrong

Okay I stand corrected. My apologies to the Reddit universe for thinking the the implied warranty law was not all-powerful. Curious to see what OP's experience is with their air fryer claim. I guess I should have saved the receipt for my $27 Mr Coffee from Walmart for when it fails.


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"... or the expected lifetime of the product.."

I just replaced a 40 year old coffee maker and have zero expectations that the replacement will not last nearly as long. Cuz they don't make things like they used to.

I wish the OP good luck but they are wasting taxpayer resources.


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Implied warranty does not supercede the product warranty or imply a lifetime warranty . Its only purpose is to give consumers protection that a washing machine will wash, a heater will heat, a toaster will toast, air fryer will fry, etc., out of the package.

Your air fryer is three years old. Ease stop wasting taxpayer resources trying to get something you are not entitled to.


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Taking over CMP will cost $13.5 billion. This is to pay for for the substations, poles, wires, energy control center, security infrastrcture (physical and cyber), IT systems, office buildings, etc. Divide that by 668,000 customers and it comes to $20,000 per customer. Before intetest.

Let's say hypothetically that Seth Berry and his merry minions conjure up a plan to spread the payments over 20 years. This still comes to $1000 per customer, per year.

$1000 per customer, per year. That does not even take interest and inflation into account. There is also no indication of how they will improve service or save anyone any money.

Simple math says Pine Tree Power is a horrible idea. So for the existing utility to fight this ill-conceived notion using an organization called Maine Affordable Energy makes perfect sense.

Because simple math proves that Pine Tree Power will drive up the cost of energy even more.


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Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged. Use it as a hot spot if power/cable goes out.

CMP and Spectrum send notices to customers as a courtesy heads up that there MIGHT be outages. Don't overthink it. But do be prepared.


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Bottom line: You moved to Maine. Maine has unpredictable weather, with unpredictable impact on services like electric, cable, and internet. Be prepared. And if you cannot survive a couple hours without certain services, you are living in the wrong place.