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I remember the first time I saw this as a kid, my parents acted excited over it. Nowadays whenever I see it and only if someone else is around do I feign any interest in it.


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I'm asking about the orientation of the nut. Whether the line was touching the 2 sides, or if it was parallel to the 2 handles. If it was parallel then it's understandable that it broke because you didn't target it's weak point.


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If you tried to break the nut in the place pictured, it's no wonder it broke.

Torque is calculated by τ=FΔxsinθ, having less torque on the nut and more torque straining the metal results in the above.


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Possibly the books were donated by coke/Pepsi on condition that they'd have book covers. Yes it's gross but it also makes some sense if they can't get funding elsewhere.

And this is why socialized education is important.