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Ugh the stroller struggle is very real, but usually something temporary. I can tell you that on the other side of it, I am truly actively grateful for NOT having to push a stroller, and so that is at least the slim silver lining.


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—Also DeShields is an appropriate name for someone who steps up to shield a woman from criminals when she's in danger.

I feel like some vocab bot saying this: it is “aptronymic”

Thank you posting the article clip- it made me read the whole thing. And yes! Such a good dude.

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In the Before Times I had really great experiences with MS Fox real estate who handles leasing for the Medical Arts building at 16th and walnut as well as Medical Tower at 17th st and other center city office buildings that don’t have the word “medical” in their names (fwiw neither of those buildings requires tenants to have anything medical in their work)