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Trees. Those beautiful trees! South St is almost always in a state of flux. What people call it’s “glory years” were very short, often coinciding with an individual’s high school years. That said I pin South Street’s most recent struggles on them cutting down all the trees.


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Yo. The PPA is much improved. Over the last like 3 months they’ve gone from not trying to really getting after people for stuff like this. If you call in a location the dispatcher will put it out on radio right away. They now see pedestrian safety as part of their mission. Call in everything.


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Every time there’s a school funding post some doofus chimes in with “money isn’t actually that important blah blah.” And they somehow aren’t downvoted into oblivion. It’s telling how many reactions to this post are “No way! How could a school not have a library?!” What do you think these funding posts are about?


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Bus does not fuck around. People do not smoke or act foolish on it. It’s a great option to get to or from Center City. Awful to pass through. Like south Phila to Temple on a bus sucks. Must take sub.


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This is a nearby neighbor. They’ve been putting kitty litter or sand down for a few weeks. I just thought it was weird. Today I could smell what may be oil so I looked closer. Is this an oil leak? Should I cal 911?


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I don’t want to trash the place but I once went there and sat at the bar. Ordered food. Waited and waited. Saw waitstaff just chilling. Everyone hanging out. Then someone finally decided to run some bad food and our stuff came out very cold. It obviously sat in the window for a while as the servers chit chatted.