NiceCrispyMusic t1_jddq19q wrote

Irrelevant evidence? …the guy I responded to says it should be enough if a player doesn’t WANT to wear something.

I cited evidence that proves time and time again that a players desires with regards to what’s on their jersey hasn’t been a valid enough reason for them to not wear their team’s jersey therfore a rainbowed number isn’t any different.

It seems like you simply have poor reading comprehension or just want to argue.


NiceCrispyMusic t1_jddhpdr wrote

>some people just don’t want to do it. That should be enough of an answer.

That’s true when it comes to the players’ personal lives but not when they’re suiting up for their job.

Like, a player is getting paid by the org to rep what the org reps.

If the team wants to put a “” patch on your jersey after you signed a 4 year 50M dollar deal, you gotta wear the jersey and the patch. If a player doesn’t like the design of the New Jerseys, it doesn’t matter that they “don’t like it”. Still gotta wear it. …PERIOD.

This isn’t any different.