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Hate to break it to you, but the casino is not thriving. It has an extremely low occupancy rate and is one of Penn Nationals worst performing casinos.

Yay for concerts - personally Im happy to go home and visit family and maybe catch a good concert. Bangor concerts were started by a woman-beating drug dealer, but like a true American I'll go ahead and look right past that.

Breweries don't make a town fresh. Chalky IPAs from bangor maine America aren't boosting the population. Every small city has multiple breweries - making an ipa is about as hard as tying your shoes or putting on pants. Or breathing. Easy money, especially in a shit town with nothing to do other than talking about the POTENTIAL OF BANGOR like it's 1830.

Bangor sucks out loud.


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Bangor will always suck until the dinosaurs that run the town are gone. I've lived there most of my life, and owned a business there. I moved, reluctantly, because i just couldnt stand it anymore. They (city govt) generally dont like fresh ideas, they are extremely bureaucratic, and prefer bangor stay stuck in the 1970s. Instead of trying to keep umaine grads in the area, we run them out of town. I'd bet my life on bangor not seeing any major improvements, or major influx of younger people (under 40), over the next 25 years. In 2048 it'll be exactly the same.