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I'm of the opinion that if you care about party at the local level you're probably a hack.

I'd never vote for any republican for a federal post but I've voted for multiple republicans within the state, including every governor's race. A lot of them I've known personally since I was a kid (friends of my dad. I don't know anyone my own age who calls themself a republican).


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Get snow tires

Drive the speed limit

Get snow tires

If there’s a local in front of you going less than the speed limit leave plenty of space and go their speed. They probably know something you don’t Get snow tires

Buy a good, long snow brush and scraper

Get snow tires

EDIT: get snow tires EDIT2: Reddit hates formatting.


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We really need residency requirements. Every election year some flatlander fucknugget wants to show us how they do it in their real America and then goes down in flames. Sure it’s funny to watch but I hate all the ads.