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I mean you are right about some things I mean I agree it’s definitely stupid and counterproductive to get your weed from a street dealer at this point but saying spending more money on weed gets you better weed from a dispensary is just flat out nonsense. 25% Fernway strain is no better than a 25% budget strain it’s just all marketing and you were paying for the stupid packaging that we all throw away.


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This sounds like the opinion of a salty street dealer thats is upset he has to get a real job… i shop rec and flat out refuse to spend more than $100 on an ounce so I look for deals and there are plenty of them out there. Last time I bought weed office Street dealer he sold me a half ounce of popcorn bud for $100 and I haven’t been back to wish for dealer since. I mean by all means, have fun waiting all day for your dip shit dealer to call you back but I prefer paying less money, knowing where my weed comes from and walking in and out of a store in five minutes without having to wait four hours for some dip shit to show up in a dark alley.


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First of all no break lights so… 2nd..This is mass if people were going 3 mph it would be bumper 2 bumper but as you can see in the photo there is about 20 yards between cars ( yaknow traveling distance) So im not sure how your tiny brain works but evidence shows that this was taken at a normal rate of speed. That being said Massachusetts dip shits can’t drive regardless of the speed they are going. So might wanna chill with the social media while you are driving period dummie


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You really have no idea what a boot licker is and are clearly just throwing that term around as a meme so have fun with that. Lol of course a lawyer would tell you that! What he doesnt tell you is that its going to cost you more to consult with him the it is then to just pay the well deserved ticket. Your youtube education is showing. Read a fucking book dipshit.


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Well ever think it had anything to do with your”steering, break pressure and lack of signaling in parking lots”? Thats alot of shit to fuck up in one test. I know you probably dont wanna hear this bit It seems like you failed for a reason.


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If you are hoping to get rid of the penalty for last years you are most likely out of luck. Maybe get health insurance? First get off reddit If you dont have a full time job, get one. And if the place isnt a sham show they will offer you an affordable plan. While i do believe in universal healthcare the fact is the majority of people that bitch about not having it also dont have jobs and just want everyone else to foot their bill


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Reply to comment by [deleted] in Boston or MA Gyms by [deleted]

Well if you knew how to read you would have noticed me say “when you get here open your phone”….but i guess reading is hard for you and thats why you ask such stupid questions….


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Well the thing you are holding in your hand is called a phone. On that phone there is an app called google. When you get here First open google then type “gym near me.” Welcome to mass dipshit!