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You have entirely missed the point of this post. It’s meant to be satire. It’s supposed to be funny. Then you go out of your way to argue about a point that has nothing to do with OP’s post.

You need some help in reading comprehension. I’m not trying to be rude but do you have a learning disability?


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Nah, I would have actually had to invest more time than what I did to get that far. I played for maybe a few days and realized it was trash and most of the players just want to be toxic towards one another. At the best, it leaves people pissed off while they are playing. At the worst, they are spending tons of money on useless skins and they are constantly screaming at their computer while playing (if not breaking their keyboard and mouse during fits of rage). I’ve yet to find one league player who is actually pleasant. I know lots of people irl that play. I stay away from it. It’s a miserable game for a miserable community.


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I do care about things. But stickers are the least of my worries.

If I cared about what every single person did online or in real life, I’d probably lose my mind. Much like the people who make politic topics their entire personality and life. They live a pretty miserable existence policing everyone 24/7.

But hey, at least you are paying attention. Most people don’t understand it’s useless trying to argue with me 😁


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I wouldn’t even know about this group if it wasn’t for people on Reddit posting about them. I doubt many other people have actually heard of them (as evidence by some people stating the same thing I just did).

And people posting about their stickers isn’t going to prevent them from doing anything harmful. It won’t stop them from hurting people. You can’t stop people from doing what they want. And I doubt they are recruiting people with these stickers. Like I said, most normal and sane people aren’t even noticing them. The law can take care of them after they have done something though.


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You do realize not many people are going to even notice stuff like this, right? Most people are out and about living their lives.

However, when I do notice ignorant stickers, flags, or signs, I just laugh. If someone is pathetic enough to make this kind of stuff their entire lives, they deserve to be laughed at. And most people are going to just laugh at them.


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I’m just not interested in any of it.

I’m fine with medical advances. Im fine with new medications. I’m fine with vaccines. Im fine with new diagnostic devices. I’m fine with surgeries that improve quality of life. But that sort of advancement is for the betterment of humanity, not boost productivity in a work environment.

I’m not okay with technology that only furthers the advancement of the machine. We are not robots. We should not expected to perform like them. Giving our bodies ignorantly to people just for the sake of better wages will surely backfire. People will be exploited even further than they are now. And that tech that’s used now may make people content, but I doubt it’ll have the same lasting affects later on down the road. All I see is exploitation and chaos building up.


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Right. But where does that leave the 90% of people who are unemployed? What does the world look like? I’m all for using robots for everything as long as it doesn’t give the wealthy more power and it doesn’t screw everyone else over.

We would need complete restructuring of our societies. One that is not based on capitalism. Do you think the wealthy will seriously want to let go of that power?


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Yeah someone else on this thread questioned why I think CEO’s and other extremely wealthy people are psychopaths. It’s because they are. People don’t obtain that amount of money and power by being nice and giving to people. They obtain it because they take what they want, regardless if they hurt people or not. And oftentimes it does involve hurting people. They simply do not care. They only stop when someone else keeps them in check due to illegal activity. But some people have enough wealth and power they can just pay their way out of situations and they are exempt from the law.

People like the person questioning me (who think the workings of large corporations is completely okay) will never get it because they are a part of the problem. They lack sympathy and empathy for what’s really transpiring. They fail to realize that humans are meant to work together, not against each other. And when we do work against each other, in the end, it will only lead to failure. History repeats itself time and time again. People refuse to learn.


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But will we still rely heavily on money and capitalism being put above everything else? Because that’ll take away a lot of jobs people need in order to eat and keep a roof over their heads. Will everything still be so expensive if human labor is replaced by robots? Cause we could knock out most of the workforce with retail, warehouse, and food industries. Robots can do all of those jobs. But what happens to the people who lose their jobs? Or will money be a non issue? Will people be taught different skills? Will other jobs be more desirable? Will there be enough of those jobs? Or will society have to be restructured and people will have to live a different kind of life?


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Psychopaths only care about themselves. They don’t care about who they step on or hurt to get what they want. People who are considered very wealthy and people who are at the head of companies like CEO’s actually do a lot of messed up things to get to those positions. They don’t get those positions being nice and giving to employees. They get there by pushing people to their limits, making budget cuts, firing people, and on top of that, they take away from employees to line their pockets. They will cut funding from important programs just so they can make more.

How is that not being a psychopath? If they cared about their employees and their well-being, don’t you think they would push for their rights, benefits, and fair wages instead of taking them away?


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Agreed 100%

Happiness to me is being without stress and being able to go and do what I want with my family. It’s eating good food, drinking coffee, taking a hike, and smoking a joint. Being happy to me, is belting my favorite songs and getting lost in the emotion and rhythm of music. Happiness is watching my little one grow as well as my plants. Happiness is petting my cat. Happiness is so many things.

Happiness directly relates to what can benefit me. Even being productive for myself and achieving goals I set for myself make me happy.

Being productive and making money for a company while they barely pay a living wage and treat their employees like replaceable cogs in a machine does not in any way correlate to happiness. It correlates to never ending stress and suffering.


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They already know workers have a real reason to be miserable. They just don’t care.

The CEO’s and the other people within the companies who profit off of the workers don’t care now and they won’t care once it’s mainstream. All they care about is how much more money they can make. That’s why people in those positions are so successful and rich. They are psychopaths. They know how to manipulate everyone else into getting what they want. They don’t stop until someone makes them. And if someone makes them stop, it’s usually because they have done something illegal with the companies’ money.


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Change the words “happier and more productive” with the words “complacent and more robotic”.

At some point, companies have to realize people are not machines and they aren’t made to work 12 hours a day 5 days a week.

It’s proven that in countries where the work week is 35 hours or less a week, people are happier. And it’s because they can actually live their lives. They have time to take care of themselves physically and emotionally. They have time to spend with family. They have time to do hobbies. They have time to connect with nature. They have time to sleep.

With the amount of time people are expected to work in the US, people barely have time to sleep before they have to go right back to work. It’s a recipe for burnout. It’s a recipe for depression and hopelessness.

Fuck this stupid brain scanning bullshit. If you want people to be more happy and productive, give them a reason to be more happy and productive. Create a healthy work environment. Pay them well. Give them incentives. Don’t make them work 60+ hours a week. Cut that time in half. Let them live their lives while also having a job. Don’t make them pick a job over their lives.

Fuck capitalism being the most important thing to most people. News flash, It’s not the most important thing.