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Since they're obviously going to make this the default on MacOS/iOS/etc., it'll get a fair bit of early traction. But if it's going to be as absolutely useless as Siri is for even the most basic of web searches, I could see it getting disabled pretty quickly.

They only have one shot to get this right, remember the Apple Maps disaster? A significant number of people will perpetually refuse to even try it because of how bad the initial versions were.


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>A container of BarKeeper’s Friend

This is the real pro tip; this stuff will get the pans looking as good as the day you got them (arguably better if you acquired them second hand). And as far as I can tell, the product itself isn't particularly harmful to metal so you can clean them on a fairly regular basis without wearing them down.


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Considering that company's hardware is being outright banned by many countries, and with the US limiting chip exports to China, I don't see how they don't get relegated to a Chinese domestic brand in that timeframe.