Nilay431 t1_j901cd8 wrote

I live in Trinidad as far away from Bladensburg rd as possible, but still nearby. It is in the 2nd wave of its gentrification, so it is a mix of younger upper middle class people, awesome older population and some lowlifes that mostly keep to themselves but the occasional crackhead passes out on my porch(this would happen to me when I lived on u street too). Just be careful, but no one wants to mess with someone who is going to cause them trouble. I have never had any issues with anyone but that CVS area is unnerving, every time I go there for a vaccine or something I have deal with aggressive panhandlers but that’s about it.

I do have to say if I was a renter I would live somewhere else but this area is a great place to buy, I have never had an investment that gained as much value as my house in Trinidad.