Nimyron t1_jednwdu wrote

Maybe I just got a fucked up childhood but usually when someone compliments me about something I'm pretty sure it's always a lie and they're just mocking me.


Nimyron t1_j8ctv5x wrote

My family lives in northern france and my dad enjoys space stuff. What must they expect to see ? Is it gonna be like a shooting star or bigger ? How long does it take to burn ? And does anyone knows where to look at in the sky ? (Like around which constellation)

Edit: Aaaaah I'm too late, I just realized


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A few years ago, the world got invaded by giant slugs. They are invulnerable and their mucus is extremly corrosive. But they are slow so sure, they destroyed the world but they aren't that difficult to live with. Aside from the occasional relocation when a slug is headed their way, people are living a pretty chill life in the ruins of the world they once enjoyed.