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A mournful dirge begins, tear-jerking choirs harmonizing with a soaring violin, bespeaking tragedies and losses known by none for generations.

A hand slowly raises, a small brick of pure deletion gripped tight in white-knuckled fingers. It moves across the snowy plaque, erasing a single line from existence before another hand shakily replaces it with an oval.

The "Days Since 'Humans are Space-Orcs Prompt'" counter has been reset from 1 to 0.

The children weep.


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That's a pretty broad statement and very clearly isn't true. Not "everyone" knows the risks. People gamble, invest, and spend money on things all the time without bothering to learn the risks. There are still people who thinking vaping nicotine is less addictive than smoking cigarettes, still people losing their life savings in Vegas.

And you might make the claim that they're idiots who are the exception, not the rule, but I'm not sure the stats agree. Either way, there are plenty of folks who would gladly take huge risks without truly understanding the stakes, and if even one of them has seen this dude's vids and rethought their next move, then he's done someone a serious service.

Another YouTuber, Ann Reardon, started with just cooking vids, then started debunking fake viral cooking hacks, then branched out into debunking or challenging other trends. She covered electric wood burning (I feel like there's a name for it but it escapes me right now) and how and why certain how-to videos were immensely dangerous. People died replicating them, and many other people chose not to because she shed light on that.


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I'm always baffled when I see an old Tumblr post totally recycled into a WP. I know it's not theft, technically, but it feels disingenuous.


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I need a sequel to one of these where an Eldritch entity of some sort manipulates your plays so you recreate a spell in an ancient and erased language to summon horrors from beyond the veil.


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Cybernetic enhancements and prosthetics are common, and advanced models have minor AI programming to make them better at certain tasks. One day, someone gets bored and decides to see what happens if they combined a number of such advanced prosthetics, only to find they've accidentally created the world's first true AI in an exceptionally capable body.