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It’s on their official discord. M3 mouse releases later today, next week is the K10 Pro, Valentine’s Day is Q11 (southpaw 1800). The other images of the boards are also on their discord, but without a launch date .


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They’re amazing and an excellent purchase if you like to hand lube your switches. No need to film, no need to open, pick whatever material you want. Saves a ton of time and those triple-stage springs are buttery smooth.

I just wish they came with a box stem. I threw some Gateron Silver stems in one and it had virtually no wobble, but the activation point was way higher than a normal silver.


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I’ve used the latest iteration of Hololens and never had an issue with motion sickness. Using the device while walking around the office is one thing, wearing it while sprinting through a war zone is another. I imagine Apple will stick with the headset fork factor until it can handle more physically strenuous use cases


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It’s because Glorious has questionable ethics and there are better options for that price point. Sure, there are other boards with less flex but they either don’t purport to be gasket mounted or are priced considerably lower. Charging an additional $100 for a “flex kit” that fixes their initial design flaws is an example of one such slimy business practice.


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Not much need for it on a laptop, but I have a Q2 at the office for when I’m on external monitors. It’s also important to note that this hobby is pretty niche and a majority of mechanical keyboards are mass marketed toward gamers. You get Hermés or Herman-Miller in the keeb game and management with drop stacks though


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Pi is inefficient for this task. What you want is a microcontroller, which is fully dedicated and draws less power. Plus there’s more support via QMK, which will do everything you need. Remap keys, change debounce algorithms, add macros, tweak polling rate, cycle RGB effects, you name it.

My advice is to just get an existing PCB and make a custom case. Throw a STM32 in there if you want the best stuff. If you’re dead set on designing everything from the ground up and sticking with a Pi, you’re going to spend months developing the damn thing and it’ll still need an external power source.


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I was referring to investment casting, which does not involve producing permanent molds. The molds are made of ceramic and are shattered with thermal shock to release them. It’s similar to sand casting, but with a much smoother finish. Common technique for manufacturing high-end cast iron, jewelry, and bronze sculptures.


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I have a degree in sculpture and specialize in digital fabrication. Unpopular opinion, but CNC machined aluminum is overkill for most keyboards. It makes sense on highly stressed components or complex shapes, but most people aren’t doing kickflips on their Zoom65. Investment casting is a lot more cost effective at scale and doesn’t need a ton of cleanup if you’re just going to electrophoretically coat it afterwards. There are plenty of factories in Vietnam that will cast high-quality parts at a lower cost than their Chinese competitors.

I’d personally rather see more innovation in PCB design though, as the custom scene really has been sleeping on things like USB pass through and whatnot.