Nivekian13 t1_jdirgmr wrote

Maybe have some better boundaries, the world is not made of "soft people" like another dopey poster said, it's full of people living another life and facing another reality with their loved ones. Some people don't like boundaries and personal questions. Some are assholes.


That is why you vet who you have heavy conversations about personal relationships & families with. Read the room better, act more reserved in public.


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"Deep dive into the occult"

Have you seen the film? Occult was nowhere in this film, it's a Ghost Story of a haunted new house built over a cemetary, not conjuring demons from a netherrealm.


Nivekian13 t1_j2ejxlx wrote

FFS... Just stop betting against the guy, then act like sanctimonious pricks when (surprise) Camerons movies are a hit.


Take the L, don't comment about Cameron or audiences tastes.


You jerks need to literally cope with your petty grievances against the man.