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>I'm a bit confused how my brokerage (Merrill) can offer an interest rate on an upcoming treasury bill when it hasn't been auctioned yet and the interest is not known until auction date?

That's just an estimate of what the return will be. You're correct - you won't know the real return until after the auction.

>And how does a brokerage offer so many treasury bills outside of an upcoming auction ( Is that through the secondary market, as in someone is selling a bill before maturity and someone else is buying that bill?

Probably. I use Fidelity and you can buy new issue T-bills at auction, or existing bills on the secondary market. Their user interface has settings where you can view just new issues, or those being sold on the secondary market.


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> even experience a life or death fighting match in PART II

I never got this either. In part 2, he fought and beat an Asian karate master, who taught Karate to America GIs. And they kept making the point that if he loses, it means death. You'd think having a fight at home after that would be cake.

But Karate Kid III was such a bad movie, it's almost comical. The acting is terrible, especially Macchio and the guy that played Silver. And there are some real plot holes. These guys are vandalizing his bonsai shop, destroying valuable property, and no one bothers to call the police?

And the end is terrible. He gets beat up and down the mat the entire match, but gets the winning point with that weird kata (confusing Barnes)?