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I'm currently living in England, but have spent half my life living in both New England, and original flavour England, and I'm always utterly baffled by the absence of chip/crisps flavours in the States, vs what's available here in the UK. Why doesn't anyone in America make roast chicken, beef, or bacon flavoured chips, since they're all universally beloved in the States already?! Not to mention some other righteous flavours, like pickled onion, prawn cocktail, or even just basic cheese flavoured Lays, specifically sans the sour cream? I think it's so baffling, since the country is fucking huuuuge, and there's presumably gotta be a market, but I've literally never even seen an attempt to test the waters for one.


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I'm not sure if it'd apply to appliances, but people should also know that if you buy electronics using a credit card, Visa, and Mastercard (and I think Amex too but don't quote me) provide additional warranty protection as one of their perks of use. So if your original manufacturer only gives 1 year, there's normally an extra year tacked on by Visa. Anyway, here's a page by the credit-agency (that lost all their customers data that time) Experia confirming it all.


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Lol, that's amazing. I can just imagine him getting that question and starting his reply with, or at least thinking, "well you obviously haven't seen the Frye festival documentary, and that's a good thing". Seriously though, he wasn't the hero they deserved, but the hero they needed.


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That guy should be considered a goddamn legend imho. He was willing to choke down a hot load so that people wouldn't suffer from dehydration or worse. That dude was beyond willing to help throw a party/avert a total disaster, and he's alright in my book, no doubt. I really hope he landed on his feet after the shitshow that Fyre turned out to be.