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Yeah his was a tough storm. Plow my own drive with an f250. You’d think it would be a breeze. I woke up thinking I’d hit it at 6-8 and just drive around on in to pack it down because it was soft underneath. But at 7am we already had about 16” and by then it was too late. You try to float the plow a couple inches but the weight of the snow just pushes into the ground and you end up plowing dirt. Ended up snow blowing it.


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I remember testifying before that asshat on school funding and how the funding system was broken. He wrote me off as a schools board member from a “gold town”. Five years later the state did a study and our school was underfunded by 2million on a 11 million budget - the highest underfunded school in the state. Self righteous asshole.


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Wake up. Yes there are bad dogs. I love dogs. Support saving them and getting them to a loving home. But there are dogs that can be aggressive and dangerous-I get really concerned when I hear animal shelters tout how they are a no kill shelter because it means they have prejudiced their own assessment of the dogs safety. And that is dangerous to the general public.


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There really is not a lot of money in cannabis sales/products. Look at every other state that has retail California, Colorado and coming soon Massachusetts — there are so many failed cannabis start ups. Just look at how the prices have dropped in MA and now with legal retail in all the surrounding states it’s going to be a tough environment for dispensaries and growers. Can you make money—-sure if you are really good but it’s a really competitive business.


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Vermont is not corrupt—it’s one of the most transparent states when it comes to governing. And I’m very proud of our state despite its shortcomings.

Government programs while often necessary are always inefficient and partially effective. And legislations is often poorly written to prevent these problems.


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The article could be much more positively written for example how to attract more POC to wilderness recreation rather than what white folks need to do to atone for this lack.

As someone who hikes/climbs all the time I know how welcoming and friendly people are on the trails. And why wouldn’t they be? You are flush with endorphins, bathing in nature— just in a good place. I’m always amazed at how friendly people are on the trail because this activity seems to filter out most of the assholes. I’m sure there’s still racists hikers, but in general the trails are a pretty welcoming place for people to be.

I have noticed once in a while when I’m out there I see a group of POC who are a little caught off guard when I randomly say hello or greet them as they are wondering why complete strangers are friendly. But that’s also just a part of city/suburban culture. People just don’t randomly say hi when you are walking down the street. But that is the culture of the trails and I’m going to continue to support that culture of welcoming and friendliness to fellow hikers regardless of their race.


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I have about 40 acres of field about half of which is hay field. The other half I’ve been leaving uncut til the fall and I’ve been amazed at how the bird populations have thrived. I’ve also been mowing cuts in the fallow fields halfway through summer to give birds some easy feeding on the insects.


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One consideration is that when you use propane in small amounts they charge you quite a lot per unit so running the generator can be pretty expensive.

I do like the idea of the battery and solar and you may get rebates there.

Of course as I joked on a previous thread, I spent about 7k on a generator 15 years ago and have since only lost power for about 6 hours since.