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China plays a long game and their defining moment will be trying to take over Taiwan. Hong Kong proves they can be pretty ruthless against politically opposed "Chinese" nationals. If they manage to take over Taiwan then I dont expect them to allow much political dissent. I don't think its wild to think there will come a day when China tries to forcably take back Taiwan.

The Kremlin isn't their Oligarchs. Its a legitimate time of war and their propaganda feels like it would justify using nukes. Like half of the time they are talking about fighting Nazis and Satanists. That type of demonification feels intentional and pretty hard to reverse.


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The problem is that "excessive" barking doesn't make sense. Dogs bark a lot already even when you aren't at the dog park. Are you supposed to yell at your dog for barking while you play fetch? Even well trained dogs bark while they wait for you to throw the ball. It's also not like dog parks are known for constant midnight dog parties. It's not like your kennel example where the dogs have to live there 24/7.


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>where all the nukes are

The best ones are on subs though. Good luck tracking those on wikipedia. Nukes are awesome though. Like the tridents can hold 16 warheads each and we signed a treaty with Russia to cut that down to like 2/3 the capacity. However, I don't think those treaties include things like duds and counter measures. Nuclear holocaust is almost guaranteed if we get into nuke battles.


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It's a nonsense argument though. Labels weren't signing random teenager bands. Like Blink 182 formed when they were 17 but Cheshire Cat didn't come out until they were already 20. Linkin Park is also an example where they form in highschool and then it still takes 4 years for their first cd to come out. The height of their popularity is always going to be after years of hard work. It's like looking at the baseball hall of fame and then complaining that they only choose old people who aren't in their prime anymore.


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You guys are delusional about how jails work. It's literally set up as a way to pull money from people. There are literally poor people jails that let you have a tablet with movies/games at extremely expensive rates (you just need someone to put the money in your account for you). You can buy a personal TV in a lot of jails/prisons. You can buy namebrand soap/toothpaste/shampoo.

It's insane to think he is going to be able to sneak the cash to the guard somehow. Like how exactly do you wire this cash to a random guard over a phonecall with a friend? It's like planning to bribe the guard with drugs/women when the person doesn't even know any drug dealers or prostitutes to begin with. Laundering cash is one of the hardest parts of crime.