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I agree, but he doesn’t really feel like a different character often times to me. He’s always just Decaprio playing X. He doesn’t melt into a role the way other serious actors like Daniel Day Lewis or Gary Oldman do, for me at least. I’d put him more on the A-List movie star tier where you go see a movie because you like that actor, not because you expect a great new interesting performance out of him. He’s good but he’s not very different role to role in my mind.


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Oh, I know all about traffic. I lived in a major metro for several years precovid and during, and was stuck in multi hour jams and commuted through horrendous rush hour traffic daily. Bangor is nothing in the grand scheme, but that doesn’t mean traffic by the mall on the weekend isn’t relatively horrible for the area.


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May not be what you’re looking for, but I really like the burger at Selah Tea in downtown Waterville. Don’t think they do fries, they have chips and a pickle, pasta, and other sides though. That said, pretzel bun and toppings are delicious. Not very greasy either, just a delicious burger.

Edit: Huh, based on the URL it might be Turkey, actually!? I’m amazed honestly. It’s my go to when I’m in town there, and I’d rank it up there with some of the best burgers I’ve gotten. It’s definitely worth the try, even if it’s not your traditional beef burger and fries that you may have been seeking.


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I’ve got heat pumps and they work fine as a primary. They keep it at 70 for us year round with minimal fuss. I didn’t pay an extra huge premium for any fancy model either as far as I know. Newer ones work well into single digits very efficiently and still work into lower temps than that, but not as efficiently or quickly. Having a backup source for the coldest nights is a good idea but not a necessity. Heat pumps and air sealing/insulation work would be my solution for the OP.


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It’s not some brain dead conspiracy theory. The NSA and CIA were using this kind of technology way back in 2004. Imagine what they can do today.

And it isnt just cellphones that could’ve given away the location. Health devices like step counters, headphones, etc can sometimes record location data that gets reincorporated to a device’s location history when the hub device like a cellphone is reconnected. There are many ways to piece together meta data from someone’s devices to paint a complete picture of who they are, where they are/went, and what they were doing (ie, stopped in front of a store display for 20 seconds facing west). Any number of these could be pieced together to identify who was likely in the house.

If he government wanted to hide their methods of discovery (which they’ve been known to do), they could easily piece together the map and say they found evidence of the car passing a banks cameras to justify their investigation pattern without revealing their true method of discovery.

When the San Bernardino shooter’s phone was capture, it was widely reported that they had a back door method to break into encrypted phones but didn’t want to reveal it. They pressured Apple to break open the phone for them and got rebuffed. Then soon after they revealed an Israeli company was able to do it for them, and they got the data they wanted. All of the legal pressure on Apple was an attempt to hide that they already were able to open it but didn’t want to admit it publicly. But they also didn’t have a solid legal/public way to have gotten their information and needed a cover story.

Same happened with Wi-Fi/cell signal hijacking. Government would set up fake cellular hot spots to hijack radio signals and rap lines and location data.

Now this is extremely unlikely to have been used in a rural Idaho town with no recent murders. But it illustrates that the technology to track a device is very advanced, sometimes not documented or intended by the handset manufacturer, and the government often attempts to deceive the public to hide their methods so they can continue using it as long as they can without public outcry or the arms race of encryption and behavior changes among people who may conduct criminal acts.


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Don’t know about the OP’s topic, but I will say I’ll be surprised if they didn’t know who it was in the first day by cell phone data alone. He supposedly turned off his phone during the murders, but many cell phones still transmit when “off”. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if his location was shown as being in the house by non-essential transmissions while in an “off” mode, but the cops are keeping it quiet that they can track a phone this way.