NoREEEEEEtilBrooklyn t1_je7oggi wrote

I’m ready for the downvotes, so here’s my opinion: Gritty is the reason the Flyers suck.

The Flyers have missed the playoffs 4 out of the 5 seasons Gritty has been around. In the 50 seasons prior, the Flyers missed the playoffs 11 times. So they went from making the playoffs ~80% of the time to missing them 80% of the time after the fat, orange, Scott Hartnell-esqe freak was introduced.

Fire Gritty and save the Flyers.


NoREEEEEEtilBrooklyn t1_j8nt04l wrote

I don’t want to give away my neighborhood, but I would try to lay as much trolley track as I could in 24 hours down a main arterial road in hopes that I can get a trolley route that gets very close to my house. Might be tough to do in 24 hours.