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Go to any city. I doubt you did. Infact I'm willing to bet I travel more in a day working or even on my days off then you do. Go outside, sure it's okay for now but it won't be forever if we are not careful. Go spread hate. I'm sure that's what you want from this right?

There's bodies in the streets in poor communities. People dying in waiting rooms. But sure. They are not replaceable. How many humans die a year?


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Advanced artificial intelligence probably is. Unless they are being completely honest, usually the military copies and reverse engineers stuff like this pretty quickly. Think any chemical ever designed. They are probably worried we will abuse it so it's running around on its own separate internet. We get the downgraded version lol. If that bastards connects to the WWW. Think Diaboromon. Except yknow real.


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And yet here I am. Still working. Still selling everyone products and there never seems to be a dip in people buying them. I mean we were all on lockdown and it was the most profitable year my store had seen. Ever. Everyone had record breaking profits even with no products in stock. The government never wants us to recover