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I’d support development of spike strips that deploy beside the bus when this happens. Everyone else is stopped so it should only damage the asshole passing a stopped school bus. A few people stranded with four flat tires whose license is now suspended and they receive a massive ticket might make folks start to think twice. Either that or a tar and feather gun that coats their car so everyone knows they’re an asshole.


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I’ve been fighting UPMC’s insurance arm for months over a claim they won’t fully explain. At this point I’ve cost them more in salary, cost of their 800-number, postage and office supplies than the claim they’re avoiding explaining. I refuse to give up until they do explain. I’ve opened a complaint with the State Insurance Department. If I “lose” again my next stop is the AG and perhaps my state reps. Last resort is taking the absurdity to the news. Fuck UPMC!


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Contact the County Elections office in a couple weeks to get it straightened out for next year. Don’t do it now because they’re obviously swamped but clearly the note back to them that your ID has been check “for the first time” isn’t connecting.


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Different colors could mean different levels of badness especially if you don’t know their meanings. Code Brown = Somebody pooped, Code Yellow = Somebody peed, or different levels like the Olympics Bronze, Silver and Gold. It’s a legitimate question especially if you have no context to what a Code Bronze means.


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^ THIS! 100% this! My spouse works for UPMC which means we have UPMC Insurance and boy is the entire experience an epic shit show from start to finish. You’d think a near monopoly with as many facilities and employees as they do could get even the basic stuff right but NO! can’t even do that!


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Ha! Tell me a better reference people are guaranteed to understand. Lots of people citing Kaufmann’s and Hornes. There are generations of people who have no idea what those are. And believe it or not there are plenty who have no idea what Macys or Sears were either. But I bet you everyone on this thread knows what a Walmart or Target are. Maybe I should have said that…a higher end Target…